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One surprise after ‘Asian Idol’ finals

That, too, was possible, since Hady surprised many viewers, including us, with his impressively cool and yet dynamic performance in the finals.

Whenever we’re in Singapore, we make it a point to sample its local entertainment, both on TV and in clubs, and we’ve generally felt that Singaporean singers tend to sound a bit dated, both in singing style and repertoire.

But Hady was definitely notches above this desultory norm, and ended up as one of our own best bets. So, when he won, we weren’t as stunned as some other viewers must have been.

We were also surprised by the stellar quality of the performances turned in by Malaysia’s Jaclyn Victor and Vietnam’s Phuong Vy. To our mind, Mirza, Victor and Vy were standout “Idol” material because they sounded and looked good.

With some exceptions, this is the stellar combination that “makes” outstanding singing idols. Even more positively, these three young bets could also do well internationally.

Indonesia’s Mike Mohede and the Philippines’ Mau Marcelo also impressed viewers with their exceptional voices, but their girth made them look sluggish and dowdy compared to the younger, trimmer bets.

India’s Abhijeet Sawant was another voice-and-looks package, but his “balladeer” projection was less dynamic. Of course, with India’s huge potential “voting” population, he could still have come out on top—but that didn’t happen.

Despite the surprises and disappointments involved, the first “Asian Idol” regional tilt was a success, because it produced a number of relatively new singing stars who, like their US counterparts, could help energize the Asian and international music scene for many show biz seasons to come.

From The Result Last Time, Mike Got The Highest Actual Votes, Hady The Highest Percentage Votes

The official result of Asian Idol is revealed by Project Director of Asian Idol Daniel Hartono in the middle of the interview with Kompas newspaper today, December 23, 2007. Daniel Hartono said according to the ACTUAL legal voting, Mike Mohede gathered the highest votes which were approx. 1 million votes. But since the 50% votes goes to the second option country, then Mike only got 500,000 + total percentage of other 5 countries who voted for Mike. And apparently Hady Mirza got the highest second option votes from all countries. In total, Hady got 115%, Mike in 2nd place got 111% (4% lower than Hady), and Jaclyn Victor got the lowest vote of all contestants.

Meanwhile, the chairman of Indonesian Statistic Center said to get better result, there should have been judges score added to the voting result.

Guy Sebastian Thumbed on Mike

Australian Idol Star, Guy Sebastian, apparently favorited Mike Mohede, Indonesian representatives for Asian Idol, in Asian Idol competition last time. Sebastian, who was visiting SINDO last time said that he was shocked with the winner of the Asian Idol. Sebastian predict that Mike should come as a winner.

Sebastian said Mike has quality that able to compete in international music industry compared to Hady Mirza from Singapore. According to this man who has full name, Guy Theodore Sebastian, Hady became the winner of Asian Idol because he got the majority vote from his women supporter whose fascinated with his physical performance.

I never think that Singapore Idol will win the contest that night. I saw that he didn’t have a strong vocal voice. The possibility is that the women fascinated with his handsome looks said a guy who has just released the album titled “The Memphis”. Sebastian sees that the Idol seek today by the people are having a high sex appeal. But if in Australia, Idols are choosed to them who have best singing ability and strong vocal voice. But for me, the good thing is, people here look for the person who has popular image.

Your News also count user favorite toward Haddy winning last time, invoveld readers worldwide.

Do You Think The Crowning of First Asian Idol Went to The Right Person ?

People Agreed : 6 Only
People Do Not Agreed : 24

Total voters 30.


From The Result Last Time, Mike Got The Highest Actual Votes, Hady The Highest Percentage Votes

Hail resmi Asian Idol telah diumumkan oleh Direktur Project Asian Idol, Daniel Hartono, di tengah-tengah sesi wawancara dengan KOMPAS beberapa hari lalu. Daniel mengatakan, berdasarkan hasil actual voting yang masuk, Mike Mohede mengumpulkan suara tertinggi, rata-rata sebanyak 1 juta. Tapi karena voting 50% berikutnya berasal dari negara lain, jadi Mike hanya mendapat 500.000 + total persentase dari 5 negara yang memilih Mike.

Dan rupanya Hady Mirza mendapat total persentasi tertinggi dari vote kedua yang berasal dari negara lain. Secara keseluruhan Hady mendapat 115%, Mike di tempat kedua mendapat 111%, dan Jaclyn Victor mendapat nilai terendah dari seluruh kontestan.
Sementara itu, ketua badan statistik pusat Indonesia berkata, untuk mendapatkan hasil yang lebih baik, harus terdapat penilaian dari juri yang ditambahkan ke hasil voting akhir.

GUY SEBASTIAN Menjagokan Mike

Jawara Australian Idol, Guy Sebastian ternyata menjagokan Mike Mohede, wakil Indonesian idol dalam ajang Asian Idol, beberapa hari lalu. Karena itu, Sebastian yang ditemui seusai melakukan kunjungan ke redaksi SINDO, kemarin mengungkapkan keterkejutannya dengan kekalahan Mike tersebut.

Sebastian menyatakan, Mike punya kualitas suara yang mampu bersaing di industri musik internasional dibandingkan Hady Mirza dari Singapura. Menurut pemilik nama lengkap Guy Theodore Sebastian tersebut, Hady dapat menjadi jawara Asian Idol karena banyak mendapatkan dukungan dari wanita yang mengagumi penampilannya.

’’Saya tidak menyangka wakil Singapura akan memenangkan persaingan malam itu. Saya, melihat dia tidak memiliki karakter vokal yang cukup kuat. Kemungkinan banyak para wanita yang mengagumi ketampanannya,” ungkap pria yang baru saja merilis album ’’The Memphis’’ itu.

Sebastian menilai saat ini masyarakat mencari idola yang memiliki daya tarik tinggi dan bisa memuaskan hati mereka. ’’Kalau di ajang Australian Idol, mereka memilih idola yang mempunyai kemampuan menyanyi terbaik. Mungkin di sini sedikit berbeda. Namun, bagi saya, hal yang bagus dari acara Idol adalah mereka mencari orang yang memiliki imej populer.’’

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