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Real Arts : It’s from Garbage Apparently

This exhibitions once performed at Serpentine Gallery in London, 2003, in an exhibition called Play

Read the article on Wikipedia for further: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tim_Noble_and_Sue_Webster

{ Shigeo Fukuda, Lunch with a Helmet On, 1987 | 848 forks, knives, and spoons | video }

{ Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Dirty White Trash [With Gulls], 1998 | six months’ worth of the artists’ rubbish }

{ Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Real Life is Rubbish, 2002 | two separate piles of general household rubbish onto which a light is projected, creating a shadow self-portrait of Noble and Webster }

{ Tim Noble and Sue Webster, HE/SHE, 2003 }

{ Tim Noble and Sue Webster, HE/SHE (daylight view), 2003 }

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