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Again, The Parody Video of Tom Cruise

Jerry O'Connell gives valuable insight on acting, the writer's strike, n etc. Look his action on this video about Tom Cruise.

Dude, you know that Jerry O’connell and Tom Cruise are friends in real life right? I mean hell, they played in Jerry Mcguire together and partied behind the sceens together. I’m sure Tom laughed about the parody. I think you took the parody way out of context. It was meant as a joke and for people to laugh at.
Bottom line is that Tom Cruise and his religion are attacked day, after day, after day in the media because they are right about the side effects of psychiatric drugs. Just look at the condition of anyone who has been on them. Sure some people say they are not normal without them, but that’s the same thing a crack or heroine addict says. If you’re still not convinced that psychiatric drugs are dangerous than look at this site below.



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source : funnyordie

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