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Bill Gates Last Day In The Company

Earlier this evening Bill Gates gave his final Microsoft keynote at the 2008 CES show in Las Vegas. Throughout the keynote he made many references to what he will do with his free time once he retires from day to day operations at Microsoft. It turns out Bill has big plans in addition to his foundation after all.

Bill Gates Envisions Life After Microsoft In Keynote Video


You may already know what Bill Gates had planned for his final CES keynote, but did you know about his plans for life after Microsoft? We just saw a video during his speech that shows what life may be like for the world's most famous CEO


Kita telah mengetahui bahwa Bill Gates telah mengundurkan diri dari Microsoft, berikut catatan yang diutarakannya dalam bentuk video di Las Vegas. Melalui pesannya tersebut, dia mengutarakan apa yang akan ia lakukan selepas masa pensiunnya dari perusahaan raksasa Microsoft tersebut.

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source : tweakvista, gizmodo

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