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SimCity Goes Freeware


SimCity has just been released as free software under the GPL version 3 license (though the name has been changed to Micropolis for trademark reasons; it was the original working title). This was precipitated by the inclusion of SimCity on the One Laptop Per Child XO machines, but no reason the kids should have all the fun. Can't wait to see the SimCity hacks that emerge now.

The "MicropolisCore" project includes the latest Micropolis (SimCity) source code, cleaned up and recast into C++ classes, integrated into Python, using the wonderful SWIG interface generator tool. It also includes a Cairo based TileEngine, and a cellular automata machine CellEngine, which are independent but can be plugged together, so the tile engine can display cellular automata cells as well as SimCity tiles, or any other application's tiles.


Game Sim City sekarang telah iluncurkan dalam bentuk freeware dibawah lisensi GPL versi 3. Project dari Micropolis Core memasukkan source code terbaru SimCity, yang kemudian di kemas dalam kelas-kelas bahasa pemrograman C++ dan diintegrasikan dengan Phyton menggunakan tool SWIG yang menakjubkan.

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