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Tomorrow's Masturbation Technology is Here, Today!


Naughty gadget maker Tenga has unveiled their "New Adult Concept" lineup of "onanism cups" that offer male users five "never before experienced sexual sensations." Choose from the Deep Throat Cup, Soft Tube Cup, Rolling Head Cup, Air Cushion Cup, and the invigorating Double Hole Cup. The devices are disposable, and Tenga stresses that you shouldn't be using them repeatedly by "rinsing them out." Ha Ha...gross! The devices are available now starting at 1500 yen ($14) —Japan only (sorry horny westerners!).

ps. Good news, now Tenga Cups can be obtained n bought not only for japanese. Click here

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Pembuat perangkat teknologi nakal, Tenga, ternyata telah meluncurkan alat yang bertema "New Adult Concept" sebagai alat perancah yang membuat pemakainya merasakan kenikmatan sensual tersendiri.

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source : various sex & tech site

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