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Dede 'Tree Man' Update : Third Operation, 24.70 Ounces Warts Lifted Up

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Dede (m, 37 years) the "Root Man" on January 24, 2008 had the third operation from the 8th scheduled operations. The doctor team consists of 4 surgeons, 1 skin specialist and 1 anesthetist. The operation took time 3.5 hours, from 09.00 - 12.30 a.m. and it run smoothly.

It is said by dr. Hardi Siswo Soetedja, teamleader of Dede's operation, to journalists on press conference after operation at Central Operation Study Room, third floor, Hasan Sadikin Hospital.

"24.70 ounces warts (eq. 700 gram) successfully lifted from Dede's body. There was no meaningful diffuculties when the operation held, although there were some small obstacles especially when the doctors wanted to remove the warts from Dede's head which finally overcomed," said Hardi Siswo, head of dede's team doctors operation in press conference at Hasan Sadikin Hospital, Bandung, Jawa Barat, Thursday (24/1/2008).

Those warts removed are from Dede's back head, neck, back-side of Dede's body, bottom, and thigh," said Hardi.

Hardi also said, in this operation, doctor also found tumor, quite big-sized, on Dede's bottom. "But we already remove that," he added.

"The operation this time was planned to remove the horn warts on his feet, but it was cancelled due to the limited time. It finally removed warts from the back part of his head, neck, back, bottom and legs, and totally were 700 gram," said dr. Hardi Siswo. Previously, some journalists covered the operation trough the screen. They had to wear green sterile clothes.

It took a long time because there were so many parts to be sewed. The operation did not have troubles, "Though there were so many bleeding on the back of his head, but it can be solved easily. On the back of the bottom, there were many tight and big warts to cover by skin flat, whereas on the other part, it was covered by primer sew," said dr.Hardi.

According to dr. Hardi, there were no difficulties in operation. Considering there were sews on Dede's body in this time. But to reduce the pain after operation, doctor team had given analgetic drug. If there were no infection, it is hoped in a week, the wound will get better and dry. As the plan, in 3 weeks ahead, Dede will have a next operation to lift up the "horn" on the foot and set tissue expander for hands.

The same things said by the team leader who handle Dede's case, dr. Rahmat Dinata. He said that the treatment of wound after operation has to be the best to avoid infection complication. In order to avoid a further infection that can retard the recover.

Besides lifting up the warts, Doctor team also treat disorder on Dede's body especially on the lungs and his lever. "Mr. Dede is quite lucky because we found the disorder immediately. What obvious on the surface is his warts which is looks strange and fearful, but what is threaten his life is the disorder inside his body. Those are lung and lever infection. But its getting better now. Warts does not threaten his life. Just look, 30 years Dede can live with warts," said Rahmat.

According to dr. Rahmat, Tubercolosis that Dede had all this time is getting better. But the treatment has to continue until 6 months. "We hope his lungs is getting well," said dr.Rahmat.

This information is published by Center for Public Communication, Secretariat General MOH. For further information, please call 021-5223002 and 52960661, or send e-mail to: puskom.publik@yahoo.co.id.

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BANDUNG - Operasi ketiga Dede si Manusia Akar berlangsung lancar. Tidak ada kesulitan berarti yang dialami tim dokter. Jumlah kutil yang diangkat kali ini 700 gram (gr).
"700 gram kutil sudah kita angkat. Tidak ada kesulitan, meski ada beberapa kendala, terutama saat mencabut di bagian kepala. Tapi dapat diatasi," ujar dokter Hardi Siswo, ketua tim operasi Dede, dalam jumpa pers di Rumah Sakit Hasan Sadikin, Bandung, Jawa Barat, Kamis (24/1/2008).

Kutil seberat itu diangkat dari bagian belakang kepala, leher, punggung, pantat, dan paha bagian belakang. "Tadinya mau mencabut yang ada di kaki, tapi sulit," imbuh Hardi.
Dikatakan dia, dalam operasi kali ini tim dokter menemukan tumor yang rapat dan berukuran cukup besar di bagian pantat. "Tapi sudah kita angkat," timpalnya.

Operasi tahap ketiga ini berlangsung lama. Operasi dilakukan sejak pukul 08.00 WIB hingga 14.30 WIB. "Lama karena banyak yang harus dijahit. Jumlah jahitannya tak terhitung. Tapi Dede bisa tahan rasa sakit, karena kita sudah bisa berikan obat," jelas dia.
Menurut Hardi, dalam satu pekan ke depan bekas operasi tahap ketiga sudah kering. "Itupun kalau tidak ada infeksi," tandasnya.

Rencananya, tiga pekan lagi operasi akan kembali dilakukan untuk mencabut kutil di kaki, serta untuk melapisi kulit di bagian tangan.

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credits : health department of indonesia, okezone

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February 9, 2008 at 1:20 AM

I hope he can really cured ! AMen.

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