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Holland, Future World's First Floating Country


An illustration of a proposed apartment complex designed by Waterstudio. Waterstudio


Rising sea levels? No problem, say architects in Holland. To adapt, they're re-designing the entire country so that it floats on water. Houses are being built with giant foundations that sit on the bottom of the river, so that if the river level rises to a flooding state, the house floats up with it. The pipes are designed so that they can stay connected to electric and sewer lines even with movement. 20% of the country's below sea level right now, but it's only getting worse. City planners near Amsterdam are creating a new suburb with 12,000 houses, 600 of which will be built in water. (See other image below)



The Maasbommel houses are a new innovation, built within the past decade. Dura Vermeer



An "amphibious house" in Maasbommel, an area near the Maas River. The house has a foundation that allows it to float when the river floods. Dura Vermeer




Poles help steady the houses as the structures rise with the river. Dura Vermeer











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source : NPR via Gizmodo

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