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Indiana Jones And The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull (See The Trailer)


IT has been 27 years since Indiana Jones ran from that big, rolling ball, battled snakes and fended off Raiders of the Lost Ark.


It has been 24 years since he grappled with the Temple of Doom.  And it has been 19 years since he took Sean Connery along for what was supposed to be the Last Crusade.


But Harrison Ford - now well into his 60s - is back cracking the whip with the latest instalment: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

The trailer for the film, which will premiere around the world in May, has just been released.


The film co-stars rising British actor Shi LaBeouf and features Cate Blanchett in a black wig.


IMDB.com reports that the cast also includes Alan Dale - currently being seen in Ugly Betty but also known to an earlier generation as Jim Robinson from Neighbours.

Karen Allen, who also featured in Ark, reunites with Ford and director Steven Spielberg for episode four.





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source : news.com.au

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