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Fitna Movie Removed From Liveleak Server

Fitna movie finally removed from LiveLeak server. Liveleak said their staff safety is above all things. Here are the video conveying regrets by LiveLeak about the movie being removed recently. Frankly, I don't agree actually with that reasons, I also if the owner of liveleak I will remove it, with the reason of i really respect others belief and i don't want to disturb others belief above all things including the freedom of thoughts. Besides, in my opinion as a moslem, the point of view of the movie actually only taken from some part of the holy Qur'an and excerpted by the non-moslem person on some purpose. Ohhh how beautiful if the world were in peace, and respectful in each other beliefs.

For further reading, we recommend you to read this article, about the misconceptions about Islam. Read This !. Below is a british priest converted to Islam, after he knows Islam in whole picture.

Wonderful Story about former Catholic Priest who used to work in Vatican and left all that for islam after he found the right Path to the Truth.

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source : liveleak

2 comment(s):


March 31, 2008 at 12:48 PM

I like and love living peacefully with other nations, country, and religion. For me it's simple, people who start things like this, it's obvious are the people who hate peace no matter what the reason is, including FREEDOM OF THOUGHTS !


March 31, 2008 at 1:02 PM

i think freedom of thought is good, but please don't interfere with race, religion, and nations, it will be too complex.

Which country doesn't mad if others make fun of it ?

Which race doesn't mad if others make fun of what they had ?

Which religion followers don't mad if others make fun of theirs ?

I think wise people got the point.

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