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Announcement : Your News Content For You Tube Temporary Disabled For Certain Country

Dear readers,

Due to local blockade to Youtube In Indonesia, we're very sorry if our content provided by Youtube only available for other country but Indonesia, and other non youtube-blocked region at this moment. This action will also impact to our previous post in video by Youtube opened from Indonesia, but from outside of Indonesia, this action will have no impact and will be running smoothly as they are. We see the government action toward Fitna movie was a proper action since it reflects hatred to certain religion, Islam. But we believe this action only a temporary way, soon, if it's unblock, you will be able to read our post normally. But, if you still insist wanting to see them, we recommend you to see it by using bypassing proxy method to our address.

Thank you for your attention.

Warm regards from us,

Your News Contributors.

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