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Amazon Invests in Twitter

Twitter just announced yet another sum of funding, this including money from Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezo's fund Bezos Expeditions. The company says the money will be spent on building up its infrastructure and reliability to become the communications utility it needs to be before it can become profitable.

Om Malik unearthed the rumor of this round of funding last month and noted that Spark Capital was believed to be the lead investor. The round is rumored to be for $15 million. Jeff Bezos's involvement was unreported until today.

Though some readers tire of hearing about every little bit of Twitter news, the involvement of the man who invented something so key in defining the web of the future (Amazon) in this little company aiming to redefine online communication should be of general interest. As founders are concerned, Bezos could be called Mr. Scalability - making this an awesome partnership to tackle Twitter's biggest obstacle.

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