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Comedy : A Miley Cyrus Christmas

This is totally Miley wanna be, but this is so creative n fun. Look at the comment written by the creator. Check this out !

She says :

**To answer your questions: I LIKE MILEY!! This is just a fun spoof of her. And the reason I keep pouting my lips in this video because that's what Miley Cyrus is known to do a lot, especially in photos. That's why if you notice, I am taking pictures of myself in this too.. just like how Miley does ;-)

*I had thrown this song and video together earlier in the month. Meant to upload it sooner, but have been super busy. Happy Holidays!

The snow dont fall here much in Tennessee.
I hate Nick Jonas but I still hope he gets a gift for me.

Daddy Cyrus lets me decorate our yacht.
Me and Justin are gonna get frisky with the misle toe but I hope we dont get caught.

Its Christmas Time (4x)
My new cd, BreakOut is a great stocking stuffer
(wink wink)

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