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Lesbian Sergeant Punished After Telling The Military

Jene Newsome played by the rules as a sergeant of the Air Force: she never told anyone in the military she was a lesbian. The honorable discharge of 28 years under the "do not ask, do not say" policy came only after police officers in Rapid City, SD, saw an Iowa family book at home and said the air force base upcoming Ellsworth.

Newsome and the American Civil Liberties Union who filed a complaint against the western section of the South Dakota police, demanding the officers violated his privacy when the military reported on their sexual orientation. The case also highlights concerns about the ability of third parties "out" keeps members, particularly as the Pentagon has begun to review the 1993 "do not ask, not" law.

"I played by the` do not ask, do not say, ' "Newsome said by phone related news.

"Just do not agree with what the police did quick divided the city. .... Violated numerous domestic policies on its end, and I feel like my privacy was violated. '

"Do not ask, do not tell" policy has come under renewed discussion after the doors of Defense Secretary Robert ordered an internal study carried away in the law earlier this year.

As the review is under way, officials anticipated also to suggest ways to make less tense application can include cases of minimizing third-party trips. Specifically, the doors have suggested that the military may not have to expel a person whose sexual orientation was revealed by third parties outside of vindictiveness or suspected motives.

The police divided the city quick Newsome said, a craftsman of the strategy of arming the aircraft spent nine years in the Air Force was not cooperative when she appeared at his home in November with an arrest warrant for his partner, who was wanted on charges of theft in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Newsome was at work at the base and then promptly refused to return home and to assist officers in finding her partner, whom she married in Iowa - where gay marriage is legal - in October.

Police officers, who said they spotted the marriage license at the kitchen table through a window of the home newsome, alerted the base, Steve Allender of the police chief said in a statement sent to par. The license was relevant to the investigation because it showed the relationship and the implementation of the two women, he said.

"Is an issue that aroused and is unfavorable newsome lost his job, but I disagree with the notion that our section could hardly wait to ignore the license, or failing to document the license, or retain air force once knew about it, "Allender said Saturday. "Was an assignment of the case, assign the report and the air force was privileged to information selectively. '

He said his section does not attempt to expose military personnel to investigate sexuality and gay residents of the city fast.

Allender said he was acting section and its internal investigation had determined that the officers properly. They have not been placed on leave during the investigation.

Newsome's partner is currently out on bail in a murder and three counts of misdemeanor theft that came from an incident last year in Fairbanks court officials said. A more selective information was not immediately available, and Newsom said she did not know the status of the case but gave no other details about it.

In the complaint filed last month with the section, the ACLU of South Dakota said police had no legal reason to say the military newsome was a lesbian and that officials know whether they did, would jeopardize his military career.

Newsome, who was discharged in January, said she did not know where the marriage license was at home when the police came to his home on November 20 and demand the officers took reprisals because she would not support the arrest of his partner .

"This information was dumped measuredly selective due to` do not ask, do not tell and out to jene so she lost her military status, "said Robert Doody, executive director of the ACLU of South Dakota. The ACLU is focusing its complaint in the section of the police, military, and Newsom said she and her lawyer have not yet decisive on whether to file a lawsuit.

"The` do not ask, do not tell piece is important and critical to this, it is also a case of police misconduct, "Doody said.

A spokesman for the U.S. Air Force, Airman Adam largest grant, said the Ellsworth follows all laws spelled out by Congress and the section of the defense, and he would not comment about downloading the distinctive newsome, citing the Privacy Policy.

Been downloaded more than 13,500 service members under the law since 1994, according to the network of servicemembers' legal defense, which is lobbying for its repeal. Kevin Nix, director of the Washington, C.C. communications. - Based nonprofit, would not discuss the case of newsome, but said when "someone outed by the third, which sounds like it was, or a police officer, then yes. I'm not surprised the person I was discharged. '

Although rare, the excursion of the third person can be particularly destructive to service members who wanted to keep their sexual orientation hidden, experts say.

But the 80 percent "do not ask, do not tell" discharge come from gay and lesbian service member out themselves, third person trips are "some of the most egregious case of 'do not ask, do not says, ' "Frank said of Nathaniel, a research professor with the laboratory of ideas from the center of the palm at the University of California, Santa Barbara and a professor at New York.

Newsome, who is originally from Harrisburg, PA. , Is currently on the road, driving to Alaska. She said she had been looking forward to the time when the military adjust its policies on gays and lesbians. But that line did not come in time to save his career.

"I felt like he got to be close," she said. "Was genuine hope. '

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excerpted from AP

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