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Innovation On Display At The Games Conference

SAN FRANCISCO - controls movement and social play were the topical conference of directors of the game this week at the annual convention of game designers, programmers and managers.

Sony has shaken up the conference with an introduction sensational movement PlayStation, a new stick-shaped controller movement of PlayStation 3 to rival Nintendo's popular Wii.

Sony showed off several games that use the new system, which uses a camera with PlayStation Eye to detect the movements of players. Among them were the rowdy action "fighter movement," above - the game part of superior superstars TV, "simulator sports champions of sports," collection "game of mini-game movement," shooter "SOCOM 4" third-person and rider inclined eccentric "slider. "

"It just scratches the surface," said analyst Scott Steinberg technology TechSavvy. "If you talk with game developers themselves, they will tell you they do not know what they are quite capable of doing because they have just to handle - no pun intended - to the equipment it itself. At this moment we see only a few opportunities early. "

The biggest buzz, however, seemed reserved for social play, a form of multiplayer online games easy to play. With the success of social games such as the simulator in real-time crops "Farmville" saga and "wars of role-playing bandit Mafia," several conference sessions this year have been spent only on how things connect the game world the next big thing.

"I feel like people'm more motivated this year," said director Meggan Scavio conference game developers "They seem genuinely excited to do what they do, and there is an air of anticipation. I think they have discovered that there are still new business models out there. There are still new ways to develop and make the games they had not thought of before. "

It remains wow factor, too. On the expo floor to inform the participants at the onlookers VirtuSphere, a huge hamster ball-like doodad virtual reality that allows users within a virtual character control while walking around inside of him . People are also close to a fake living room populated with hippies rocking out with the game next "gig guitar power. "

"Civilization" and the designer Sid Meier "tycoon railroad" provided a keynote address to hundreds of participants on Friday morning about the psychology of game design, gamemakers a manner encouraging to suspend the disbelief of the players without taking them out of the interactive experience. Meier said the assistance they can "save millions" just plugging into the imaginations of gamers.

In "what comes down to is we're trying to create this epic journey for the player when the process of playing a game takes you from one place to another," Meier said later. Towards the end of the game, you may have learned something about the world and hopefully something about yourself. Is this what we really try to do with the psychology of making a game "

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excerpted from AP

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